baby birth details

Baby Birth Details!

Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby! best wishes are always with you.

baby birth details

The baby birth went a little like this: Since Sunday evening I had been having strong contractions in the evening, but they were

  • about 8-10 minutes apart and I didn’t notice any change with them.

I did call my midwives to give them a heads up but told them don’t get excited yet I really don’t feel I’m in labor.  The contractions kept me up several times through the night, I had some bloody show, but everything dwindled down by early afternoon Monday.  I called one of my midwives and told her, and she said she wouldn’t be surprised if things picked back up again in the evening because that is when I seem to have the most activity.  She told me to enjoy being a mom of two for the next few hours, and she’ll see me later that night.  I laughed and really didn’t feel I’d be seeing her again for at least a few days.

However, later Monday evening contractions picked up again.  I stayed up with my husband until about 1:30 trying to decide if I should call my midwives or not.  Contractions were strong, but still about 10 minutes apart.  We decided to go to bed.

I woke up around 2 am with REALLY strong contractions and decided to get up and be by myself for a little bit and decide if I should wake anyone.  I really don’t like calling anyone and waking them up, so if I would have thought these contractions would have lasted until the morning I would have dealt with them all night just so I wouldn’t have to wake anyone! hehe.

  • About 2:30 labor turned very active pretty quick.

I woke my husband and told him to call my mom and the midwives, its time. Contractions were about 3 minutes apart and I felt I was having smaller contractions in between the main ones.  I was shaky and cold.  I proceeded to just walk circles around my apartment.  When I’m in active labor, I really just want to be on my own. I was so excited about having my husband get me through contractions, and even packed some things we could use for comfort measures but the only thing I’ve ever needed to get through labor was myself.  No gadgets except a birth ball and I’d probably be fine laboring alone because I didn’t need support, backrubs (though I did take one of my midwives up on the offer for a short one), or anything.

Typical active labor for me is walking, or bouncing/rocking on a birth ball.  I walk. And I walk, and I walk, and I walk.  During active labor, the only time I am still is when I am using the bathroom.  This labor was different because the active part of it came on so suddenly and was so strong from the get go. After a while, my water broke.  I nearly made it to the toilet on time, but the initial gush hit the floor mere seconds before I sat.  Unlike past labors, when my water broke this time I could literally feel the membranes coming through the cervix and breaking, and the gush of water coming through the birth canal.  I never had a vaginal exam, so I don’t know how far dilated I was by this point. But we knew a baby was coming soon, as I was feeling the familiar pushy sensation and the intense tightening in my thighs.

I went into hands and knees to try and bring the baby around in a more favorable position and this is the part of labor I hated.  I hit transition at this point and it was hot and heavy.  There was no break between contractions to relax. They were one on top of another and they HURT.

All I could do was bow my head in prayer asking God to take the pain away and bring this baby into the world.  My midwife prayed over me also.

Things became bearable again.  I began feeling the baby inching down the birth canal with each contraction. I wasn’t yet feeling terribly pushy, but I started pushing lightly myself during contractions to see if I could move things along.  And I guess it gave me something to do during that time.

All I could do during the transition was try to be absolutely still.  One of my midwives held pressure over my tailbone and mentioned she could feel the baby through my back every time the baby inched further down.  I vomited again and I believe the pressure from vomiting pushed the baby to the point where my body automatically started pushing, as I found myself pushing hard after this.

Contractions spaced out a little more so I actually had time to talk, sip water and relax between pushes.  This is the part of labor I actually LIKE because the pain of contractions can be completely erased as I push.  There is the pain of crowning, but that seems like such a different kind of pain than labor pain.  And that pain, too, can be controlled through hot compresses (which I’m told I became quite angry when whoever was holding the hot compress took it away to dunk it in the water again).

My husband delivered our baby again and announced the sex in the form of an introduction.  momma, meet Kaitlyn! as he held her between my legs so I could grab her (I delivered on hands and knees, leaning over my couch again).  Then I hear I think! because he had delivered her and handed her right to me, he didn’t have much of a chance to confirm that it was indeed a girl. LOL!

I was ogling over her as my husband went to grab our daughter.  She was sleeping through the whole process, and we did want her there for the birth but I didn’t want to wake her up for the birth.

Something about waking up to a mom in pain, lots of blood and gooze didn’t sit right with me for her, however, if she had already been up I would have been finding having her there.  Anyway, she was rushed out to the living room to see her new sister still covered in gooze, but adorable anyway.  Alexis went to go get the baby a blankie in the correct color and stuck by my side as we cleaned her.

I was helped to the couch to sit with her until the cord stopped pulsing. Then my daughter helped my husband cut the cord.  Lexi watched as I delivered the placenta and watched me and one of my midwives poke around with it.  The midwife examining the placenta took the time to explain to my daughter how the baby lived in there, showed her the umbilical cord and explained how it hooked the baby up to me to get food.  Then after a while, I got up, showered, and came back out to the couch for the newborn exam and an exam of my own.

I am happy to announce the labor and delivery were completely uncomplicated.  Baby is nursing fine and is healthy and happy.  And momma has no complaints either!  No tears, barely bleeding anymore, no soreness at all or any discomfort. I am ready to jump back into the swing of life, but I am trying to hold back just a little because I know how important it is to just sit and recover.

However, There is only so much sitting I can do with two other young children at home.  My husband decided to slice his finger down to the bone the evening of the birth and went to the hospital for stitches, so he’s been kind of unable to do much in terms of helping me and he, too, has been in a lot of pain.  I thank the good Lord for the beautiful birth and the amazing recovery (best yet!) and am excited to get back into the swing of things full time and experience the crazy life of a mom with 3 kids under the age of 3.5! When was your baby’s first bath

I don’t have any pictures of my daughter online yet, but my mom does.  So feel free to visit birth details and see pictures of my new daughter!!

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