Celebrating the Holidays With Newborn Babies

Celebrating the Holidays With Newborn Babies

Celebrating the Holidays With Newborn Babies

Let’s face it, surviving the holidays alone is crazy enough—the traffic, the holiday rush, the parties, the family reunions. Now add breast feeding, changing diapers, packing and unpacking diaper bags, and sterilizing bottles to that and you get yourself a whole new level of crazy. Indeed, Christmas is crazier (but definitely happier) with babies in the house. Still, the additional challenges shouldn’t keep us, Mommies and Daddies, from enjoying the celebrations.

So last Thursday, my husband and I took our babies and a huge diaper bag to our first Christmas party this year. (And the twins’ first Christmas party ever!)

Celebrating the Holidays With Newborn Babies

It’s the first time we have babies at our Christmas party so our friends thought it would be fun to match the twins’ pink little outfits! Hence we chose pink and black as this year’s motif. 🙂

Celebrating the Holidays With Newborn Babies

Here are some of the things I learned about celebrating the holidays with a newborn.

Think child-friendly Christmas parties. 

Choose the parties you’d say YES to. You may have to let go of your company’s annual Christmas party if it’s the kind that’s attended by 500 people (imagine exposing your little one to 500 possible viruses, and noise, and germs), or get-togethers that involve booze, or parties in dark places with loud booming music. Sure you’ll miss out on some parties this year (and the next couple of years) but hey, you have a baby now—and that’s pretty much like having a little party at home all year round! 🙂 Baby Annabel doll

Know the people you’re partying with.

Family reunions are the default, the whole clan would surely love to welcome the new addition to the family. Get together among small groups of friends are ok too; even better if your friends have babies/kids themselves. The important thing is that you know the people you’re partying with especially since a baby in the room would draw so much attention, and before you know it, everyone is taking turns holding or playing with him/her/them. IMO, the smaller the crowd the better. Like I said, you don’t want to expose your baby to too many germs or possible viruses.

Consider the party’s venue. 

Outdoor parties may pose a serious challenge on nursing your baby, aside from the fact that it may be too warm outdoors during the day, and too cold at night. Ball rooms, function rooms or restaurants, while covered, may not have a place for your baby to sleep in, and not all venues have nursing or diaper changing stations. House parties are best, as you are assured of a bed or a sofa somewhere, or a quiet corner where you can park your stroller.

Remember: Your baby’s comfort is your utmost priority because you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the party yourself if you have to attend to a crying and unhappy baby the whole time.

Let your friends babysit for you. 

Don’t worry about getting their hands full, in fact, I’m pretty sure they’d love the chance to carry the baby around. When we attended our bible study group’s Christmas Party, everyone was just willing to carry our babies for us the whole night!

Celebrating the Holidays With Newborn Babies

Which allowed me and my husband to take some break and just enjoy the night!! what do you all day !!

Some mommies are a little worried about letting others carry their babies, but I’ve learned to worry less and trust that our babies are in good hands. I guess that’s why it’s best that you know the people you’re partying with. Besides, if every one of the babies or both of them start crying or something, Mommy and Daddy are just a few steps away.

Lastly, celebrate with people you love, and who love you. This applies even when you’re baby-less, but this is important when you have a baby because.. your baby becomes a huge part of who you are. I said earlier in this post that it’s time to choose which parties to say YES to. That also means you choose who to celebrate with. So choose to celebrate with people who are going to embrace the new YOU including the new additions to your life.

Celebrating the Holidays With Newborn Babies

“The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.” ~C.S. Lewis

Taking care of a newborn baby (newborn babies!) in this toxic holiday season is not easy, but with a support group backing you up and sharing your joy, you’re able to relax and enjoy more because you know your little one is safe, comfortable, and loved.

How about you? How are you celebrating this holiday season? I hope you’re having a different Christmas this year too!

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