The best garbage disposal units

How To Clean Garbage Disposal

Cleaning a Garbage Disposal

When determining the cleanliness of your house, the kitchen is among the key places to consider. Here you prepare all family meals and get to dispose of the remains after a delicious meal. Your garbage disposal ought to be working efficiently to facilitate this, and enable you to maintain a clean kitchen. For that matter, have the best garbage disposal units installed, and upon installing it, maintain it, so as to serve you best.

How To Clean Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal units can be a little dangerous to handle, more so with the spinning teeth, sharp blades, and not forgetting that they are a little dark even to see the inside clearly. You are probably wondering how to go about their cleaning. Well, every journey starts with a single step, while a challenge begins with acceptance of the challenge. Upon making the decision to clean up your garbage disposal, take the next step to assemble the equipment you need and begin the cleaning process.

Five Simple Ways to Clean Garbage Disposal

Simple Ways to Clean your Garbage Disposal with Items in Your Kitchen

Many people are opposed to using different chemicals, which may even pose a threat to their health and that of their family. However, there are natural ways to clean your garbage disposal, without introducing anything unfamiliar in your kitchen, but only using the items available in your kitchen.

  1. You will need plenty of water, boil plenty before commencement of the activity
  2. ½ a cup of Baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar
  3. A few ice cubes or vinegar cubes
  4. Citrus peels; could be orange pills, or lemon, limes, or grapefruits, whichever is available or you are comfortable with, will serve the purpose well.
  5. Borax; 4 tablespoons

Use hot boiling water

Start by running plenty of water through your disposal system. Hot boiling water will be most suitable. This will soften the surface of the disposal unit, and loosen the materials that are attached to the walls of the unit; while at the same time creating a conducive environment for the chemicals to react and facilitate cleanliness of the unit.

Baking powder and vinegar

When baking powder and vinegar react, they create a powerful foamy product that cleans out your garbage disposal. Sprinkle the baking powder into the drain, then pour one cup of vinegar immediately after. These react and foam fills the entire garbage disposal. Let the mixture sit for 10-15 minutes then pour boiling water to clear the system.

Ice cubes

After clearing the drain, toss a few ice cubes in the garbage disposal unit and turn it on. Let it run for approximately 10 minutes until the cubes are fully grinding. Grinding the cubes sharpens blades of the garbage disposal, while at the same time cleaning it. A few rock salt may also be added to enhance the cleaning. In the event you don’t have ice cubes ready, you may opt for vinegar cubes, which also serve the same purpose.

Citrus peels

Get rid of the ice cubes and introduce citrus peels, whichever you like best. Then turn on the garbage disposal. As the system grids the citrus peels, they clean up the blades; riding the system of any materials that may be stuck. Additionally, they serve a much better purpose; the peels have the anti-bacterial citrus oils that kill any germs and even leave your drain smelling so much better.


Sprinkle 4 tablespoons of borax in the drain and let it sit for an hour. Borax is a natural antiseptic and it will serve the purpose of disinfecting the entire drain while also getting rid of any grease that may be left behind after the wash. On expiry of the time, flush your system with hot boiling water and you have a clean, fresh smelling drain.

To keep your drain clean and unclogged; a regular clean-up is recommended. You need not even invest much in the cleaning detergents since they are easily available, and also in your home. How do you like the experience? Try it out and if you love the results, don’t forget to tell a friend about the wonderful cleaning adventure. Let’s keep our homes hygienically clean. It only takes a little effort, and commitment and you have an odor free home. But to start with, take the first step; have your home installed with the best garbage disposal units.

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