Proud Mom of a Nerd

Proud Mom of a Nerd

The Professor needs a flash drive for school.  Gosh, times sure have changed.  My school supplies list included graph paper and pencils.  My kids need flash drives and netbooks.

Proud Mom of a Nerd

So he comes home last week asking me for a flash drive.  Of course, I have no idea how much a flash drive costs or where to find one, but not to worry, because as usual, The Professor anticipated this.

“It’s five dollars mom! At Walmart! Well, actually it’s ten dollars because you can get a regular flash drive for five dollars but if you want it customized, it’s ten dollars. I need it customized mom.”

How do you customize a flash drive?  My kid is such a nerd!

“They even put it on a necklace for you to wear around your neck mom!” He says to me, following a lecture about going without one if he loses it as he loses so many things. “Besides, if I lose it, I won’t be able to save my work in school and then I won’t be able to do my work on the computer which means I’d have to write and that would really suck mom.  I’ve been writing my work for too long.  It’s about time the school lets me do it on the computer instead, right mom?”

Oh. My. Goad. The horrors.  Imagine having to actually WRITE in school! Far be it from me to torture my kid with the prospect of pencil and paper!

*Sigh* I’m not sure I like the new computer age.  I know I use the computer for everything, but I learned normal stuff in school, like how to sign my name.  On paper.  With a pencil.  Imagine that, right?  I took computer classes, but all my essays and homework? Yeah. Written with a pencil and paper.  First on yellow paper, then on white paper.  The words “rough draft” don’t mean a thing to my kids.

In fourth grade I was diligently practicing my cursive letters.  My kid still hasn’t started that.  Do they teach cursive anymore?  How is my child going to sign a check or a contract?  Hmmmm.  That is a rather concerning thought.  Note to self: Teach your child how to sign his name!

Are any of your children being taught cursive in school?

I’m just curious.  It never really occurred to me that my child still hadn’t started that until he came home asking for a flash drive so he didn’t have to write.

I can see there are plenty of adventures in front of me, being the proud mom of a nerd and all.  And I am sure most of them will be educational and fascinating. But this particular part of it?  I’m not crazy about.

In other news, (I AM bragging about my child here), I downloaded a flash cards app for The Professor and he kept asking me to find dinosaur cards for it.  I finally did it the other night.  I found a set of cards that could be downloaded about Paleontology.  They were study cards for the final exam in a college paleontology course.  I wanted him to be intrigued and challenged so I downloaded them, sure that he would find tons of new information.

As The Grinch once said “WRONG”.

Out of 300+ cards, The Professor got 7 wrong.  And these were odd questions.  Questions about who found this dinosaur or what certain time periods were called and the many, many different processes involved in the making of a fossil.  I could not believe, as I did this with The Professor, that he just spouted off the correct answers.  He was proud of himself and I was proud of him.  He knew some complicated stuff and he knew it immediately.  It was like he wasn’t even thinking about it.  It came easily to him.

I am so proud that he absorbs knowledge like this and that he has such a keen interest.  But secretly, I am panicking. This child is gonna be a hard kid to challenge in the years to come.  Holy shit.

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