What do I do all day

What Do You Do All Day! How About You?

Everything You Do, less the Paycheck.

Different for everyone, but for me that pretty much fills up the day.  if you are a working mom  have plenty of child-raising? Life of a stay at home mom

What do you do all day
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That is my response whenever someone questions my stay at home mom status.

Aside from the fact that I cant actually work. I am disabled. Lung condition. It really lowers my chances of holding down any sort of gainful employment. And I don’t even get real disability. I get SSI. I got sick very young. Seeing as I spent my late teens basically being an unemployed squatter, I didn’t have the work credits for SSD. So my income is $674.00. Imagine trying to stretch that to make bills and everything else. Luckily, my husband works hard.

Anyway, I got distracted. What do I do all day, right? Must be nice to be able to log onto the internet and blog, right? Must be nice to spend my whole day chilling in front of the soap operas, right?

If That is What You are Thinking, Watch Your Back Pal.

What do I do all day

Being a stay at home mother is not an easy job. Yeah, sure I sign onto the internet and I blog. I use a program that auto saves and schedules. These posts? Yeah, they takes days to get all these sentences written down and posted! What with the phone ringing, the dog barking and the kids fighting.

I manage. That is what I do all day. I run a family. I schedule appointments, take notes, fix boo-boos, counsel, make calls, file. I am a chef. I am a chauffeur, a maid, a handy man, a teacher, a nurse, a dictator, an expert at family politics and so much more.

I don’t get a lunch break. I do not get vacation days. Hell, I don’t even get a paycheck! No $9.00 an hour for me. No sir! I work and work and my reward? A happy family and a bunch of people who think I sit around eating chips and painting my nails all day.

What do you do all day!!

Mothers, especially stay at home mothers, could run the White House. Seriously. We have all the skills. We learned them through trial and error and perhaps we don’t have a piece of paper stating that we are qualified, but the kids are still alive. Doesn’t that count for something?

What Exactly  Do you do all day

If I were to ever go to work, I would use my family management on my resume and I think it should qualify me for ANY job. Because mothers have the widest scope of skills! I mean, when you think about it, half of us don’t even need school and if we do, well, if you have kids, you’re doing the whole 13 years of school all over again anyway. What a great opportunity to brush up on my math skills!

with Washington Post  What do you all day

I can fix things. I can fix things on a budget. I can diffuse potentially dangerous situations. I know what to do with puke, shit and snot and I can do it while I am scheduling doctor appointments, making dinner and monitoring the latest developments in severe weather. I can drive under stressful conditions safely. Okay almost safely. I can handle all the grocery bags, both of the kids, the dog, the phone, the husband and I can do it without dropping, losing or forgetting anything. I bet I can do it without putting anyone on hold and without rescheduling anything.

This Motherhood Thing

So. All those skills you paid to learn? Yeah. I have them too and I use them every single day.

What do I do all day? Everything. I do everything and I do it all for free. Beat that!

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