What would I know about my gifted child

What would I know about my gifted child?

The Ultimate Guide To What Would I Know About My Gifted Child?

Do you wonder if your child What Would I Know About My Gifted Child our assessments can help being different isn’t always easy

I had the meeting with the school this morning. It was disappointing, the results dismal and my feelings about transferring him, reinforced. I don’t feel like anything was accomplished. I went into the meeting with a close personal friend, whom I know will let me know if I am imagining things. I went into the meeting with a positive attitude and a plan. I came out of the meeting, shaking with frustration and on the verge of tears. I DID NOT let them see it, but as soon as I got in my car, I fell apart. She saw what I saw the friend that went with me. A school that simply doesn’t care to work with me or my child.

What would I know about my gifted child
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Their solution to the problems? Refer him to the child study team because he MUST have ADD. It doesn’t seem to matter that he has been evaluated too many times and this was found not to be the case.

So I called my pediatrician. My pediatrician sees the same thing I do. An extremely smart kid with a lot on his mind. A child that needs to learn to control his giftedness so that he may focus on one thing at a time. They do not see an ADHD/ADD child. They DO see a school that is expecting too much from the 8 year old in their charge.

The school principal all but rolled her eyes at me as she explained that a zero meant he didn’t do it and was appropriate. She then told me that she had taken all the children aside and showed them how a zero affects their overall grade because you know how kids always learn the first time  and technically could simply be told everything they needed to know one and KNOW it l mean that is why the children review the same math skills over and over and over again, right?. Its all just so aggravating. I spent upwards of two hours repeating myself, so they could repeat back to me everything I didn’t say and none of what I actually said. I had no idea a room full of adults could so effectively select what they choose to hear and roll with it. Just. Like. That.

As for communicating with me, it was explained to me, slow like you would speak to a toddler, that the communication is there. That is why my child has an agenda and that is why they put grades on the online grade book. Because their teachers don’t have time to contact parents and such.

So I asked them if they needed to contact every single parent of every single student every day. To which they said they didn’t. So I asked them why it was such a hardship for them to call ONE parent of a child who was OBVIOUSLY having difficulty. Or something. And they all just sort of looked at each other with that God this chic is a major pain in the ass look on their face. Then they said that they would make sure that I was contacted once a week and updated on my child’s week. This is NOT what I was asking for!

I simply wanted to know why it is reasonable to give a child 6 zeros and send him home on yellow or red every single freaking day and yet, not reasonable to expect the school to place a concerned phone call to the parent. Would you expect the teacher to care enough to call?

As for keeping him in from recess if he doesn’t do his homework the night before, they say they will not do this because he needs the exercise. My child is not obese or even overweight.

One day of a missed recess is NOT going to adversely affect his health. So they decided that if Damian does not do his homework, he would lose his mentor time with the gifted resource teacher. Huh? First of all, all the missing work (except the two assignments from when he was absent that was never given to us) was from the same day. It isn’t as if this is an every day thing, although it used to be. He has been very good about remembering the things he needs.

He forgot ONE day! And then, because adding insult to injury seems to be the schools motto, the principal looks at me when I pointed out that this happened ONCE, and asked me if I could think of any reason for him having forgotten that day. Um, hmm, because he is 8 years old and he forgot? I mean, seriously, the boy hasn’t forgotten continuously. And why am I defending myself anyway?

what do I know about my gifted child

My problem isn’t with my sons performance at this point. My problem is with the school administration. With the policies and procedures that seem bent on completely eliminating my responsibilities as a parent. With the fact that the administration sat in front of me and didn’t even try to hide their disdain for me and my opinions or feelings, but instead, pointed the finger at my child, at what might be going on at home, at why my child would make such a gigantic mistake like forgetting his homework ONE DAY which is apparently cause for electrocution instead of finding a more constructive and effective way of handling those days.

And of course, the more I defend myself, the more ammunition I give these people so they have an arsenal and I have, well, I guess I have a friend who witnessed this and will attest to it. I guess that is something. But I still have a gifted little boy being failed by the school system that claims to leave no child behind. I have aggravation and irritation and the nagging feeling that my mistake in switching my child into our local district school is a mistake we wont soon forget or recover from. I have a child who once worked so hard for perfection, he was crippling himself, being taught by his school that perfection is the only acceptable option. I have many things, but I do not have a school I am comfortable leaving my child in all day long 5 days a week and I don’t have the relationship I believe all parents should have with their child’s school. Sad, isn’t it?

But then again, what do I know about my gifted child, right? I mean, I only spend all day every day working with him, talking with him and teaching him. What do I know about teaching a child? I only do it on a daily basis. What makes me think I know my child best? After all, the school has been so successful with my child thus far. (Sarcasm)

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