Yes I Am That Mom

Yes I Am That Mom and Do you Know What?

Someone called me that mom today. We were talking about the problems I am having with the school, and this someone happened to be a teacher. She nodded her head and said Oooooh, you’re that mom. This person is a close personal friend. I know she wasn’t trying to offend me and overall, she didn’t.

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Yes, I am THAT Mom and Do You Know What?

I hate being that mom. Or at least I thought I did. But I have been thinking about this all morning and this is the conclusion I have come to.

Yes I Am That Mom
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Yes. I am that mom. If being that mom means not being intimidated by a bunch of people who think they are smarter than I am. I am that mom if, by that mom, you mean that I am the mom who will advocate for her child in an intelligent and respectable manner. I am that mom.

I refuse to watch my child get a mediocre education simply because of public education sucks. I won’t run away and home-school (not that there is anything wrong with that if all else fails) and I won’t stick my child in a private school (mostly because I can’t afford it). I will not be undermined or pacified by administrative garbage. I will expect the schools my child attends to do everything they get paid to do.

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I am only one mom and change takes many. But change starts with one. It starts with one mom that is afraid to be that mom. I am not afraid. My children get one chance. One chance at education. One run through this convoluted system we call public education. I will get what our tax dollars pay for. I will hold teachers to the realistic expectations they should be held to. I will expect the best my child’s school can give.

Yes. I am That Mom! I am Proud to Be That Mom

Yes. I am that mom. I am the mom who checks in with the teacher regularly. I am the mom that is paying attention. Paying attention to what her child is doing in school. And what the school is doing with and for my child. I am the mom that notices when you slap an

  • 8-year-old with zeroes.

I am the mom who notices when communication between the school and the parent is severely lacking.

I am the mom that will call and report things when they are clearly wrong.

I am that mom that notices when what should be an understanding smile is a smirk and I will take it personally. My child’s education is my responsibility. It is personal.

But I am also the mom that will volunteer as often as possible. I am the mom that will expect the best from my child if the school is giving him their best (and even when they are not).

  • I am the mom that will sacrifice Starbucks to buy supplies, not only for my child but for the entire class. I am the mom that will volunteer in the lunch room, on field trips and inside of the classroom.
  • I am the mom that is happy to support my child’s school in whatever way possible because I do realize that school budgets are tight. I am the mom that shows up to school meetings, parenting classes (because there is always something we can all learn about our kids), and school events.
  • I am the mom in the front row of the auditorium cheering for my child when he makes honor roll and cheering for the child seated next to him whose parents had to work and could not be there.

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